Robin Xubin Liu

My name is Robin, you may call me Xubin too if you like. I was born in China & have a biology education & TCM background and long-term professional experience of customer service. Because of the huge passion in massage therapy and TCM healthcare, with the mission to help people for better life, I chose the top level of 3000 hours massage program called Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, and achieved my excellent graduation by 94.5% average marks from MaKami College Calgary, and have been holding the 3000 hours RMT license on good standing with CRMTA association.


With my great passion on massage therapy and healthcare, and the mission to help people for better life; combining with my verified excellent hand-on skills & techniques, and profound professional knowledge; plus my long-term excellent customer service experience, I am your reliable RMT to help you with professional solution and genuine care here.