Janis Isaman / Instructor

Janis Isaman, helps people feel physically, emotionally and mentally better in their body. 

She is an experienced clinician offering movement modalities, specializing in working with people who experience pain and trauma. Her trauma-informed modalities include Gabor Mate Compassionate Inquiry, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, and Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga which she can apply individually and/or atop client-appropriate movement modalities that may include STOTT Pilates, Yamuna Body Rolling, yin or yang yoga, and/or Critical Alignment, as appropriate for the therapeutic goals of the client. She also addresses nutrition and lifestyle and has training with both the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition.

But she’s not just a textbook of knowledge with a wall full of certifications. She’s a very real person, who has lived through her own lifestyle and body challenges.   

In her sessions, she provides practical solutions for her clients, taking the time to get to know their lifestyle challenges and provide reasonable solutions, underlying education and life-changing approaches with her lively personality and approachable manner.  

She loves engaging in thoughtful conversations and has been quoted as a lifestyle expert in Reader’s Digest, Prevention and Women's Health and has been a guest on over 250 podcasts. 

This is a woman you want to know!

YIN YOGA - A relaxing yoga class with deep stretching targeting our connective tissues.  Beginner friendly.


SCHEDULE: Our new 6 week series starts Thursday May 4th/23. 7pm.

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PRICES: $135 for the complete series