Courtney Thrasher / Instructor


Yoga Classes $50! One month of unlimited yoga. First visit clients. A gift for yourself or for someone you love. 

Regular Price: C$200.00

YOGA FLOW - A vigorous yoga class where poses are connected through breath and movement in a flowing manner.  Beginner friendly.

YIN YOGA - A relaxing yoga class with deep stretching targeting our connective tissues.  Beginner friendly.

RESTORATIVE YOGA - A yoga class where you can relax physically and mentally through movement.  Beginner friendly.


Tuesday       5:30pm Yoga Flow                     7:00pm Yin Yoga

Wednesday  5:30pm Yoga Flow                     

Thursday    11:00am Restorative Yoga         7:00pm Yin Yoga

Friday         11:00am Yoga Flow

Saturday    10:00am Yin Yoga


Drop in  $25

5 Session Package $100

10 Session Package $150

Unlimited Monthly Membership $119/mo