David Balfour

David is a graduate of the Mount Royal University’s 2200-hour Massage Therapy diploma program. He chose a career in Massage Therapy because he has a deep understanding about the importance of looking after our bodies. David is certified in Kinetic Massage and is skilled at creating tailored treatment plans to best suit the needs of each individual client.

David is trained in classic Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point release, orthopedic assessment and more. He is¬†planning to further his education in massage with Graston and Shockwave therapy. David’s areas of expertise include a mix of Kinetic, therapeutic and relaxation of the cervical spine, shoulders and forearms. As many of us are living in the digital world these areas are prone to pain and dysfunction and need some extra attention!

In his spare time, David enjoys long walks by the river with his dog, McCoy, listens to audiobooks. He also enjoys binging the next great Netflix series while waiting for the next Michael Connelly or James Patterson novel.